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Clothing Public Online Transaction Services Muslim Clothing Choices “Trend”

Jakarta, sketsindonews – Tasik.com Clothing Service is a transaction of Muslim clothing online has been released for customers for Muslim fashion lovers who have been shopping customers regularly every Monday and Thursday at Tasik Cideng Market, Central Jakarta.

The development efforts of the Tasik market manager have been developed in digital transactions, said H. Heru Nuryaman as the manager and Director of Tasik.com Clothing.

“Sof Lauching at last (Thursday, 16-8-2018) is a way for retail and wholesale merchant communities to know and to be able to join this opportunity as broadly as possible, and we continue to carry out the regular service role in Tasik Cideng Market.”

Connect Heru, this registration is very easy with free and only send their e-mails for us to input in the production of Muslim fashion produck. (8/18)

In the future this promo in our permanent registration is open on Monday and Thursday at the Busana Tasik.com booth with direct service as one of the services to pick up the ball directly, said Heru.

While Nano DH Buisiness Development Clothing Tasik.com explained, the shopping device is not fully able to be fully published because it is still waiting for the standard format that is ready for public services, he concluded.

It is likely that at the end of August it will be released to be published in full by friends of the media besides waiting for service products that we are still working on in the “new arrivel” program and the trendy Muslim fashion campaigne product.

We serve the public both purchasing units, wholesalers and codings as later the development of orders in the community, of course, is bright Nano. DH.

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