Merdeka Games By And Muhammadiyah University, Institut Bisnis & Informatika Kosgoro -1957 And Seri Stampord College Malaysia


Jakarta, sketsindonews – 15 August 2016 As Malaysia and Indonesia prepare for their Merdeka Celebrations, the youth of the Muhammadiyah Group of Universities and Institut Bisnis & lnformatika Kosgoro -1957 of Indonesia are preparing for the inaugural lnter-Varsity Games. Indonesia’s Merdeka day falls on 17 August 2016 whilst Malaysia’s Merdeka day is celebrated on 31 August 2016. Representing Malaysia in these inaugural games is Seri Stamford College, the pioneer of private higher education learning in Malaysia with over 66 years of providing education to local and international students from all over the world. Founded in 1950, Seri Stamford College is a 6 STAR Rated College by the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

The college has strategically provided access to over 300,000 students in a wide range of quality educational programmes ranging from business studies, information technology, hotel management, marketing, law, accounting and finance, executive secretaryship and media and communication.

In announcing the commencement of the inaugural games, Dato’ Vincent Leong, Managing Director of Seri Stamford College Malaysia said that he was delighted to see the Merdeka Games being played in Jakarta this year.

”The Merdeka Games was initiated as both Indonesia and Malaysia celebrate their independence day on 17 August and 31 August respectively. The Merdeka Games will mark a huge milestone in these universities with the development of these students and their ability to interact on a global scale. International experience today is the essence of higher education. We believe that students must be able to transcend boundaries and be comfortable in participating in collaborative processes, engaging in intercultural discourses. it is an undeniable fact that students who interact on an international plane develop international relationships besides socio-economic, cultural and political skills. They are further imbibed with better cultural sensitivities and gain more knowledge and skills to work effectively with people of different backgrounds. The competitive advantage that they will get will be sought after in the marketplace by both local and global companies. Employers are increasingly expecting to see bright candidates who are confident and able to work in different environments with different people. “Dato’ Vincent said.

Adding that sports builds bonds and develops relationships, Dato’ Vincent added that through sports youths learn how to connect and develop positive vibes and empathy towards each other.

”Critical lessons in inter-personal relations and character development are the end result of bonding through sports. Sports build a good foundation to learn about the diversity within relationships. The Merdeka Games aims achieve this,” he reiterated.

The games, a tripartite tournament in football, badminton and Dota 2 will be held from August 24 to 25 August. The Governor of the Central Province of Papua New Guinea, the Honorable Kila Hoada and his spouse will also be in attendance at the Games. The Seri Stamford College Malaysia contingent includes over ten Papua New Guinea students from Port Moresby studying at Seri Stamford. The government of the Central Province of Papua New Guinea has committed to send 20 students annually to Seri Stamford College to study on a range of degrees and diplomas. The student intake from PNG has in fact exceeded 50 this year.

The Merdeka Games is an extension of the educational collaboration between Seri Stamford College Malaysia, Muhammadiyah University and lnstitut Bisnis & lnformatika Kosgoro -1957 for a broad range of programmes that will provide international qualifications to students in Indonesia. The education programmes will include business studies, information technology, marketing, executive secretaryship, accounting and finance and law. The collaboration and synergy between these universities is based on an established and well-founded relationship that has been nurtured over the years on the principle of shared values and philosophies. (Eky)

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